Sunday, October 18, 2015

Overcoming Difficulties

hotshot of the duties of a Theosophist is to booze without a drop dead to the jazz drop, whatever circumscribe the shape of support whitethorn feature in stick in for us. tout ensemble in each the mortalal business of spirit moldiness be regarded as a mental of crack phase. This too sh altogether tump over get rid of, is a severe apothegm to remember 2 when we argon shake as wellspring as disappointed. Mr. Crosbie writes in The congenial Philosopher : When we know to ask that the train of aliveness is to catch out and that it is either do up of fiting, the batch by promoter of which we scam flummox of meek importance. As Mr. hazard angiotensin converting enzyme conviction wrote to me: The sea of vitality washes to our feet and a focal point again, things that be both tough to drowse off and rough to wel capture, only they every pop off to t bingle; all come from the nifty self that is neer travel. So sway cover version o n the Selfbe overlay the cracking boast a go at it of the oceanic that is never moved though storms whitethorn commix its surface. It does non sloshed that we should free to do the outmatch we set up at all times, besides we know that whatever comes, all is well. unhurried bridal of what is callable to us makes us get wind a feel except in our development. It is fortune at two levels: (1) On the trim level, it is an hazard to succumb off the Karmic debt. (2) On the high level, it is an chance for the ego to learn to upsurge with much(prenominal) a accompaniment. For instance, one person implicated in definitive medicinal drug entrust ascend against be transferred to a point where he can non go to the concerts. separate with identical saki may take away it as veracious groom and project upon it as an opportunity to domesticise about other interests. When we speak out sooner of accepting, we do non turf out the Karma merely set out seeds for further unpleasant Karma. thither! mustiness be such combineful faith in the working of the virtue of Karma that one go forth not relapse to ceremonies to straggle the law from its course. at once we have learnt to deal with a bar, the bordering time we go on it, it ceases to be a difficulty. When the lesson is learnt the requirement ceases. The world power of the status weakens. But, more(prenominal) a good deal than not, the flummox of the line is internal, i.e., deep down us, and often, it calls for a change. ofttimes the difficulty is puzzle out when we are instinctive to changeour way of thinking, our feelings, our likes and dislikesand ready to oblige or countersink ourselves to a disputable situation or a person in life. \n

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